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GameSpy 2142 Server Browser List expected to cease operations June 30, 2014

The AIRWAR SERVER IP is ~ I am currently working on a solution called ReSPY:

What is AIRWAR?

AIRWAR is a massive Server Side Only Mod for Battlefield 2142 developed by independent game developer, CHOPPERGIRL.

If you have Battlefield 2142 installed and updated to 1.51, there is nothing further you need to install. Just connect to the AIRWAR Server and enjoy.

What "Server Side Only" means, is that all upgrades to the game were done on the server side of the game, not the client side, the client being the software game you use to play the game. Because AIRWAR alters the game 100% on the server side, there is nothing you need to download, install, or change on your game client to enjoy playing AIRWAR. Please be sure to read the FAQ, however.

Server Side Mods are incredibly hard and challenging to make, as 4 out of 5 of the brillant ideas you have to change the game, do not work, can not be done, or they crash the game client. Working expermentally inside an officially undocumented system is very frustrating and time consuming, much like working with a black box. Please support my six years of hard continued work modding, testing, and continued programming and development on 2142 (over 5000+ hours), by making a donation using one of the Paypal buttons below. Thank you, and have fun! Choppergirl


AIRWAR in its combined versions for BF2142 Demo, BF2 Demo, and BF2142 Full Game, has been played by over 150,000 people and climbing to date, from all around the globe. You can actually see in game, what country a player connects from, as a country code is automagically added to the end of their player name when they connect and visible in the scoreboard.

Because of AIRWAR's unique Server Side Only nature, unlike other mods (and there are many excellent ones), where players have to download and install extra huge cumbersome mod packs which often they can not get to work, AIRWAR is the MOST PLAYED BATTLEFIELD MOD IN ALL OF THE BATTLEFIELD SERIES GAMES COMBINED. My intention when modding is to unlock the most intense game action for the most number of people.

Battlefield 2142 - 99 cents!

If you live in the United States, and have Origin (free) installed, you can now buy Battlefield 2142 for 99 cents!

If you are new to AIRWAR, please read the FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

Battlefield 2142 as a 99 cent Origin PC Download

Players - Mail in your Digital Pictures

I think it'd be cool to get some digital pictures from players around the world, holding hand drawn signs that read something like "Airwar BF2142 rocks! [playername]" or "Hello Choppergirl from [playername] and [cityname]".

So if you read this and are feeling creatively motivated, and have a digital camera and some free time on your hand, scrible something on a piece of paper and go take a picture and email it to and I may just put it up around here or use it somewhere or make a page just for them. If you want to be in the picture is up to you, but if you do, put your playername somewhere in it so everybody knows who you are.


Please use your in-game nickname identity as your username in the chat windows...


Your messages are not saved in the chatbox below for later website visitors;
use this only to talk in real time with someone on at the exact same time as you.
Click Here to Zoom This Real Time IRC Chat Window to Full Screen Mode


Support AIRWAR to keep your favorite server running

Thanks to Hum@noidV2 of PAX Server for his work on the BF2142 server code! Great guy!
Be sure to check out and play on his server. The new AIRWAR wouldn't be possible without his ground breaking work.


Above is a picture of the AIRWAR server. It is a Pentium 4 @ 2.4 ghz with an 800mghz bus, with 1 gb of RAM, and a 30mb harddrive. Even though the CPU runs at 100% always (because the P4 supports no kind of throttling), it stays frosty cool all the time because it is entirely open. Notice how there is no panel on the side, all the drive bays are open, and the harddrive (which produces heat itself) is not crammed into any bay, but is located as far away from a heat source as possible (the CPU, chipset, and Powersuply). It can run a maximum of 24 players. Twenty four players is more than enough. Quantity does not equal quality gaming. Anything more than 24 players and the game becomes impersonal and a stupid frag fest.

But why a Pentium 4, which is arguably 20 year old technology, and this is a box most people throw away as worthless? Because running 24/7, the most likely things to fail are the Power Supply, harddrives, and fans. 24 pin Power Supplies for dual core motherboards are expensive; 20 pin powersupplies for Pentium 4 comptuers... I can get for virtually... free (because people do throw them away as totally obsolete now). And with no players making any donations any more, even to buy a motherboard or power supply off of ebay, the server is reduce to running on "free equipment". Normally I run my server on a dual core, but here we are, reduced to this indestructiblly fundable-indefinatly-by-me-alone plan.

People have some idiot idea that the side panel on a comptuer are there, to help the case fans increase air flow through the box. That is the stupidest idea ever. If anything, they trap heat extremely, and turn your PC into a toaster oven and a room air filter (like an air conditioner) collecting dust. Side panels on a computer only exist to keep the rats out when computers are being stored (rats love to chew on IDE cables to wear away their teeth). Since I have no rats in my house (duh of course), the first thing to come off are the side panels on all my systems. I recommend unless you have a compelling reason not to (children in the house, rats, a theiving roommate), you do the same. My computers stay cool even when the house is 80F, and collect little dust this way. All I have to do is occasionally blow their fans out with a leaf blower (or hair dryer) outside.

Latest News

I've shutdown the BF2 Demo server, which was tweaked out to the max, and fired up a BF2142 Full game server instead, as I became nostalgic for flying the gunship like in the good old days of BF2142 demo. Well, it turned out to be a smart move, because someone gave me some code, that allowed me... using some other code... to run a ranked server... AND... bypass the cursed "The game will start when X more players join" bullshit.

So now we are rocking with some hardcore gunship action on the 2142 server. Here's where to find the server in the full game of Battlefield 2142 v1.5:

Current In Game Text

CHOPPERGIRL's AIRWAR Titanium Version: 20140206- 'Airwar is Fucking EPIC'
Welcome to Choppergirl's AIRWAR ( ) Est. 2008
Resident Goddess of Server Side Modding: CHOPPERGIRL
More righeous cool explosions per second than any other BF server in the world....

For six years I have run highly modded BF2142 demo and BF2 demo servers
Six years of hardcore development, bug fixes, and constant play testing...
To bring you the most EPIC, BRUTAL, and uber VIOLENT FUN game experience EVER.
I've busted my ass harcore working on my server, for thousands of bleary eyed hours.
Battlefield was never meant to be modded, hundreds of people sharing their discoveries have made this possible.
Most of the mods here I developed and perfected, or built upon the work of others.

AIRWAR is player supported, please donate so I can keep the server running. or send Paypal donation to

All Vehicles multispawn, are faster, and stay around as battlefield junk when destroyed
Honk the horn on Jeep to deploy explosive poison gas
Honk the horn on the Air Transport to drop Smurfberry Carpet Bombs
Watch out for Gunship Missles that missed, they will circle around and bite you

Parachutes are paragliders, Press Backwards (D) to go up
Engineer Rocket shoots Starburst Air Tracking Missles
Sniper Rifle is one shot one Kill 50 caliber
Pistols now have Double Tap Cop Killer Bullets for close range assassinations
Knife is EMP knife which screws with your visor, for epic knife fighting

There are no unlocks allowed on my server, everyone has the same weapons.
Top high last scores are displayed in game and on the welcome screen
If the server crashes during a new map reload, just reconnect
Add AIRWAR to your FAVORITES LIST by clicking on the PLUS SIGN

Ramming and all other tactics are valid tactics of war and allowed.
If someone is roof campign, pod up there and sniper rifle him
If someone is base raping, pick a different dot on the map to spawn at
Smack talk is allowed, but chat spamming and baseless insults makes you look like a fool.
Please do not be an fucktard and run aimbots, they crash servers and are slap FULL of viruses.
Tweak your keyboard settings and set your view distance and resolution higher.
There are over 800 game graphics, see them all at
Mr. Fu (my code foo) handles all the in game admin 24/7/365; no admins needed.

Brutal harcore players are always welcome. Play the game, and we all have fun.
If you suport hardcore gaiming, support AIRWAR with a donation.
I've busted my ass laying down new coding to make this server as comfy, balanced, and hella fun as possible.
Personal vendeta's and rivalries are fine, just don't let it get extreme acrimonious.
Remember, killing and being killed is how you play this game, don't take personal offense.
Lastly, I don't want to hear vague lag or cheat reports; I'm here to have fun too.

Your brain is the weapon.
Hunt your enemy, make the kill, and move on to the next target...
Lead your target
Anticipate what your enemy is going to do, what you would do, and out think him.
Set traps and killzones
If you get killed, its a moral imperitive to return and kill your killer... well as... my [[[Special Thanks]] below... and... [[The Lyrics to M.I.A - Paper Planes]]]

Choppergirl's Control Key Bindings

Want a keyboard mapped like an expert? You can download my keyboard mappings here... just right click on this link Controls.con and save it to your desktop. Then rename or back up your Controls.con file in c:\Documents and Settings\YourName\My Documents\Battlefield 2142\Profiles\0001\Controls.con and place my Controls.con file in there.

Some things to note... the mousewheel click and mousebuttons are setup for seat jumping... Numpad Enter is your Parachute... the keys around WASD are perfected for your gunship look views... F to look behind you, C for flyby view, SPACEBAR to return to normal view from either (press again to toggle cockpit overlay), G for rearview (not so useful). Most everything else is the same; its the same mapping I've been using for five years, and it fixes the worst bugs (like Parachute set to 9 key... yeash). Anywhere, there is no way I could like an expert without this custom mapping.

To seat jump, press Mouse2 (Right mouse button), which will switch you to second seat... then press Mouse1 (Left Mouse Button) to fire your missle... then press Mouse3 (Middle mouse button) to return to cockpit view. Practice this while parked on the ground... you want to be able to do it very fast... because while in the second seat, there is no pilot, and your gunship drops like a rock. So unless you have a lot of altitude, you don't want to spend a lot of time in the second seat. You can also use this method to seat jump in other vehicles... tanks, jeeps, etc.

Choppergirl on Lag

I've run a game server for 4 years, and in my experience 95% of players game lag is caused by the following 3 things.

  1. Open programs in the background (webpages with flash youtube videos or animated gifs on them are especially bad), including tons of little tray apps/icons.. esp Skype, Pidgin, Yahoo Mesenger, AIM - close them all!
  2. Running processor and network intensive torrents / limewire / azureus / etc in the background. Note, many of these programs install themselves to run at startup as tray bar apps
  3. Game graphics set too high, esp. antialiasing, dynamic lighting, dynamic shadows -which when you hit fog, slows your computer to a crawl - turn them off or set them to a low setting.

Before you start gaming, close all your other crap you have running, and run only the game. Set its process priority at Above Normal or High (check out Process Lasso to? do it automatically). I use a separate computer just for gaming, where I leave my favorite game open, and a separate computer for everything else (webbrowsing, etc). A gaming router is not going to fix your stupidity of having background apps open while you game.

As for anti-aliasing... do you need it? No. Anti-aliasing is only useful for taking screen snapshots in game (say, to use on a website), or if you have a very crappy monitor with low resolution (1024x800 or less). In just about all cases, a higher resolution graphic setting with no anti-aliasing is superior. I run my games at 1600x1200. Higher resolution is even better, if your graphics card can push it. At higher resolutions, any jaggies fade away... and really, while you're playing the game, you're almost always in motion and they are going to blur away anyway. Anti-aliasing is a big hit on performance.

Another thing you can do, if you are using an nVidia graphics card, is go into the Nvida traybar control panel and into the game settings for your game (BF2), and set rendering to "Best Performance" instead of the default "Balanced" or "High Quality". Best performance will render a whole lot faster with some loss of quality, but you won't notice at all. Something like High Quality, you would only use in an app like Google Earth.

AIRWAR is now on BF2 Full Game instead of BF2 Demo or BF2142 Demo

A SHUT DOWN BF2142 Demo for PC August, 2011 permanently, forever. I ported AIRWAR over to running a BF2 Demo server. I also ported AIRWAR to BF2142 full game, where I currently am running a server.


Follow this link to to read a simplified explanation about why you got or are getting kicked.


In another Choppergirl first, I've implemented a new rating system of my own, the Bogo-Violence Rating or 'BV', which is displayed at the end of the game. The Bogo-Violence Rating is in the general spirit of the BogoMips which is used in Linux land to benchmark CPU performance. A Bogo-Violence Rating for the game is displayed at the end of the game, and on the scoreboard, so that people can get a general idea how violent the last game was. Think of it as if it were a 'game thermometer'.

Choppergirl's BV Bogo-Violence Game Violence Rating (BV) Chart of the Level of Game Violence:

0 : "Non-existant"
1 : "Warm"
2 : "Toasty"
3 : "Hot"
4 : "Excellent"
5 : "Superb"
6 : "Violent"
7 : "Ultra Violent"
8 : "Brutal"
9 : "Hellish"
10 : "Nightmare"

Note that this rating of the amount of violence in a game is rather arbitrary and non-scientific and in fact, rather bogus (hence the name), and may not at all reflect the amount of violence that was actually in the game. However, hopefully it will be more often than not at least somewhere near to a general estimation, and give you some general indication of how violent a game was.

Special Thanks

Special thanks follow... AIRWAR would not be possible without the work of these clever folks

Special thanks to Detrux for running BFEDITOR.ORG for years and years on his own dime

Special thanks to Devilman (Whitecats) for answering my first mod question ever, and his epic work

Special thanks to Awesome Atrain for publicly sharing his epic shoctgun rocket launcher code

Special thanks to Hum@noidV2 for cracking the private full game server, to run as ranked

Special thanks to Topner Harley for sharing how to get rid of "6 players needed to join" code

Special thanks to Steven 'Killing' Hartland for his groundlaying work on Modmanager

Special thanks to Jat Gotamaro for developing his Private Rank Code System

Special thanks to the demoscene modelers and hackers at D.I.C.E., and the orginal Refractor Engine Developers

Thanks to all the admins for running all the servers - its a bitching lot of work.

Thanks lastly to all the players that play the game right, bringing the violoence to you, hardcore and your face

Here forever immortalized are the KNIGHTS OF AIRWAR who guard the survival of AIRWAR
Amongst them you will find those who are truely AIRWAR HARDCORE

They put their money on the line to maintain an arena for them to battle to the most violent extreme.
To all the fallen warriors, in time you are forgotten, but the Honour of the Knights remain here engraved for all eternity.

DateAmount U.S.Player Name
05/31/2011$100.00NewWatcher / Basttard
12/10/2010VPS serversmadz dissolvanizerx
10/06/20101024K RAMRule 42
02/15/2010$66.30Anonymous RO
02/12/2010$20.00Jamie W.
01/01/2010VPS servernutta1
09/16/2009VPS serversmadz dissolvanizerx
08/00/2009VPS serversnutta1
03/30/2009VPS serversmadz dissolvanizerx
03/25/2009$100.00alt+del (zerofunction)
02/21/2009$60.00Joe W.
09/13/2008$5.00Chaim B. (World of Warcraft Player)
03/01/2008$200.00+?CHOPPERGIRL (plus 1500+ Hours modding work)
All funds go to pay the monthly rental bill on the game server, nothing else, so we can keep playing.
Server rental cost on average about $1 per slot per month, and it adds up real quick. :-(
(36p server = $36/month x 12 months = $432 a year. Yeah, would you pay that to run a server?)

Get your name here! Use the Quick Donate Buttons below...

Or, click the button below, and enter any amount and then remember to click the "Update Total" button...

All funds are in United States dollars, but Paypal will do an automatic currency conversion for you.

If you do not have a Paypal account, you can still donate by using a credit card without having to sign up with Paypal.
On the left it will say "Don't have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available)."
There will be a "Continue" link to click at the end of that sentence, just follow that link.

Be sure with any donation to put a note with your game name in it, so I know who the donation is from!

There are over 250 Battlefield servers in the world at any give time.
But you don't need to give a rat's ass about any of them, my server is the only game in town
The gameplay on them all of them sucks ass bags. Seriously. Don't believe me? Go look.

As a master game designer, I know what the fuck I am doing.
I playtest my serverendlessly, daily, every day, you know its true because you see me in the game.
I've got the highest score in AIRWAR, currently Level 31.
Practice more, you sorry motherfuckers!

AIRWAR is like a Porsche 911, refined ceaselessly over many years.
A winning formula you do not change. little tweak here, a little tweak there, until it is perfect and running smooth as silk.
Its like butter, baby! That's what I'm talking about, that's MONEY baby!

Other server admins come to my server to steal ideas from. Fuck em for not being original.
Do you're own thing. Its not that hard to be creative.
Do you even know what a fucking heat map is???? I didn't think so...


To get any sweep, you MUST get the high scores in ALL 3 LAST GAME HIGH SCORES:

last game top pilot, last game top score, AND last game top kills. Without all 3 of theses, its not a sweep at all.

That alone, is called a 3x SWEEP (Three of a Kind). And its pretty good. But you can get even higher...

If you have all 3 last game high scores, AND have 1 top dog high score (even from a previous game), that's a 4x SWEEP!
(Four of a Kind)

If you have all 3 last game high scores, AND have 2 top dog high scores (even from a previous game), that's a 5x SWEEP!!
(Full House)

If you have all 3 last game high scores, AND have 3 top dog high scores (even from a previous game), that's a 6x SWEEP!!!
(Straight Flush) If you get a Straight Flush, and the server hasn't just rebooted, you're pretty bad ass...

If you get ANY sweep... 3x, 4x, 5x, or 6x... you capture the 7th line of the Scoreboard with your name on it. So a Straight Flush 6x SWEEP gets your name on all 7 lines of the Scoreboard! And you have swept the scoreboard! Quit, walk away, and gloat!

So you can talk all the idiot smack talk all you want, but when it comes to battle, are you the ultimate cleaning lady like CHOPPERGIRL, are you a 6x Sweeper?


New Knife Fight Only Arenas - A Game within a Game!

I have set up some dedicated knife fight areas on both my servers, consult the maps below for their locations:

On BF2142, the knife only area is inside the circle of the core flag/silo capture area in the center of the map

In BF2, the knife only area is inside the tiled area of the pool beneath the crane in the center of the map

If someone is inside these areas, you are only allowed to kill them with a knife. If you kill them with any weapon other than a knife, 20 points will be substracted from your score. This might put you below -12 and get you kicked off the server depending on your score, so beware. Only kill other players using a knife in these areas. Do not shoot rockets or drop bombs or artillery strikes into these areas, you may kill someone and get punished.


One of the pioneering mods I made was to add a country code to everyone's nickname, so players could see what country other players were connecting from and guess what language they spoke. This facilitates same language players finding and communicating with each other. This is done automatically on my server.

My country codes caught on so well that people started recreating their nickname with their country code attached, so their country code would be seen on other servers as well (I don't recommend this).

If you see a country code you are curious about and can't guess where it is, you can look it up here: Alpha-3 Codes.

Download my Battle Flag Desktop Wallpaper, running on the AIRWAR 2142 Gamserver, HERE.


Add a Link to AIRWAR to your website, myspace page, or home page by adding the code below:

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Choppergirl's AIRWAR is sponsored by ANARCHY-TV.COM
Web Space provided by Nyx. AIRWAR is built & powered by AMD processors.
Contact & Website Administrator:

BF2142. Built by DICE. Sold by EA. Perfected by CHOPPERGIRL. Playtested by YOU.