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Build Plan

It's like, Warblesonalot's warning to CHOPPERGIRL ;-)

Die Liebe zu Dir - Mireille Mathieu - Chariots of Fire

Hang Loose Hang Glider Home Movie

Otto Lilienthal Hang Glider Meet, May 23, 1971

Lee's Homemade Ultralight Glider

Tentative Plan:

File Crate

Aircraft Build Plan - Alice

Aircraft Build Plan - Wendy

Aircraft Build Plan - Trailer

Choppergirl's Cheatsheets

  1. Rust Removal
  2. Cleaning
  3. Polishing
  4. Painting
  5. Sheetmetal
  6. Drilling
  7. Rivets
  8. Bolts
  9. Cables

Aircraft Build References

Wanttaja's Avidation Links Page

HBA thread - Is there soem kind of reference book for An Hardware and fitings

HBA thread - Quick References for the homebuilder

Watch all of these videos:

EAA Videos - good homebuilt source of homebuilt aircraft information

EAA Hints for Homebuilders Videos by Subject

EAA Hints for Homebuilders Videos - All Hint Videos

EAA Technical Books - EAA Bookstore

Removing Blind Pulled Rivets

Removal of Stainless Steel Pulled Rivet

FAR 43.13-1B

General Aircraft Hardware - AN3 thru AN20 Bolts - Chart

How to Select a Lock Nut for your Homebuilt

HOFTEC - How to drill a round hole

Official Guide to Experimental Aircraft (

See How it Flies

Rivets - Machine Design

HBA - Covering & Painting

Amateur-Built Aircraft and Ultralight Flight Testing Handbook

NACA Repository

Rotax Fuel and Octane Recommendations

Bulletproofing 503 with Ceramic Coatings

Shrink wrapping your Wings - Cheap Aircraft Covering

Covering with Boat Vinyl - David Gate's Notes

Build inexpensive ultralight trailer with shrink wrap

Airplane Trailer build out of party tent frame

MATO's PoorBoy

Tips and Tricks to make Light Aircraft

Skypup FAQ on Dow Square Edge Blue Board or Owens/Corning Formular 250 and Redrives

Alphagel Seat Cusion

HBA propellor Book thread

Coy Girl Propellor Resources

Rotax Aircraft engine Two Blade Prop recommendations

Propellor Ratios

Propellor Erosion Tape

Start at the beginning... 1891, #65 to #92 or so...: "The Railroad and Engineering Journal"
Articles compiled into book form in Progress in Flying Machines, Octave Chanute

Timeline of Aviation

Early Flying Machines

Aviation - Theory

Laminar Flow

How Airplanes Fly: A Physical Description of Lift

Dr. 1 Wing Failures

Preflight checklist

Aerial Attack Study - Boyd

Rotax 447 Smoke System Explained

Hand Propping tailwheel release line

Cheap EFIS Glass Panel with Android Tablet

Building Alluminum Wings

AN3 Bolt Search on Ebay

You can also buy them at Tractor Supply by weight Pop rivets on Ebay

Do Two Strokes need Unleaded Gasoline?


DDavid's Ultralight Design Wordpress Blog

Calculating Weight and Balance

Arrowprop Propellors

Color Charts

Beam theory

Two / 2 stroke Fuel Injection

Two / 2Stroke Oils"

The Ground and Air Instruction Syllabus Exercise 20 Illusions Created by Drift

Continuously Updated Aviation Incidents Maps

Weedhopper Library

Motor Mounts

Aircraft Engine Historical Soceity

Is your Two Sroke about to Fail?

Beam Theory

Remzibi On Screen Video Display Overlay for your Aviation Videos

RemzibiOSD PC Configuration GUI

RemzibiOSD Downloads


Wikipedia Aircraft Engines
Mid Georgia Soaring Association

Southern Eagles Soaring

Cordele Soaring Contest

Mac Hodges Field

Museum of Aviation / Warner Robbins

Power of the Past Engine Museum

James Dekle Engine Collection, Thomasville, GA

Souther Field

Bob Pearson Collection of DR.1 Color Schemes

Bernard's Oregon Aviation History

Airport Markings

Pay Out Winch on a Truck for Hang Glider

Homebuilt Help

DVD - Deep inside Rotax 503 Rebuild

Rotax Rick - Fuel and Engine Oil

Rotax Rick - Install and Break-in

Rotax Rick - Frequently Asked Questions

Wood Glues

Gliders, gliders, and lots of gliders (plans?)

Skyhopper Weedhopper Band Brakes on Wheelbarrow Wheels

Rotax 503 reuild

Goat Glider - Building adventures of an Ultralight Glider">

LEAF Ultralight Parts catalog

Tiny Tach Installation & Use

Aerodynamics, Aircraft Assembly, and Cable Rigging

Making your own Radius Bend Brake

How to make a duct Pittsburgh lock

Hammer Forming

Guide to Building a Pup with Styrofoam

Covering Pup with Contact Cement

Competition Aircraft Prop Recommendations

Powerfin Prop Recommendations

Tennesse Prop Recommendations

Ultralight News Prop Recommendations

How to paint Polyurethane Plastic

AirFoil Tools - Every Airfoil on File

Seating Foam

Aircraft SuperCalculator

Static Trust Calculator

Painting Vinyl

Power Plant Resurrection

Floats for Small Planes

Pontoon Search on Ebay

Belite Floats

Ultraights on Floats - Youtube

Tucker Gott Version Chase Cam

Rotax 503 Advisories

Skyhopper Go cart Brakes

Timing Pulley

Dacron Testing Video

Fixing a Flat Tubed Motorcycle Tire

Proper Way to Fix a Flat

Ragwing Parasol / Rag-a-muffin

Dragonfly Tow Ultralight

Balance Masters Liquid Mercury Prop Autobalancer

Two stroke engiens some tips on keeping them running well

Big 54 Carb Synchronization

Installing a BRS

Homemade Airplane Mk3 Part 4

Calculating Propeller Pitch Angle

German ULF-1 Glider Build Detail

PUrple to Pink Color PHAZING Heat Paint

Rotax Aircraft Engine Outline Drawings


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