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Non-free Music that keeps me moving.... Ride Shotgun with Choppergirl!

Use to download as mp4 to dub over your video.

The Scientist

Katy Perry Dark horse

Wonder Wall

Carosel Live

2001 Space Odyssey Theme

Die Liebe zu Dir - Chariots of Fire

Defying Gravity

Call Me

I could be the one to set you free

Poker Face

Teenage Wasteland

Spirit in the Sky

Baby you're a Firework

I'd wanna be me too

The Scientist

As the Rush Comes

I am Titanium

Try Everything

Better off Alone

I'm Invisible

You Make my Dreams Come True

Addicted to You

Rollin Rockin Rhythum of the Beat

Girl You Really Got Me Now


Global DJ's

Unchained Melody

Over the Rainbow

Paper Planes

Dorothy Dreams - Hichhikers Guide to the Galaxy

We Will Rock You

Thunder Struck

Shut Up and Drive

Just Like Fire


Mad Hatter

White Rabbit

Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress

Do You Feel it?

Happy Go Sucky Fucky

Fuck the Pain Away

Because I'm Happy

The Logical Song

You Don't Own Me

Work Bitch

MILF Money


Where have you Been All My Life


Cherry Bomb

Major Tom Razormaid remix

Lip Gloss Song

Are You Built For this

Get Low

Bad Romance

Rhianna Stay

Lana Del Rey Once Upon A dream

Billy Idol - Rebel Yell

Bette Davis Eyes

Thunderstruck Cristina Kiseleff

Gin Wigmore - Hey Ho

Boys wanna be her

Rebel Girl

Hello Kitty

Bad Girl

Rock N Roll

Ace ot Spades

Bird is the Word

The Crystal Cracked

Panteen Commercial

Ultralight Limbo

Do you wanna touch me

Paint it Black

P-51 Cadillac of the Sky

Whatever It Takes

A Little Swing

I'm an Albatros

Heaven knows we belong down below

Time 2

Annie's Song

If you were a Carpenter

Bad Reputation

A Thousand Miles

Black Betty Remixes

Black Betty - Original

Black Betty - Leadbelly

Black Betty - SpiderBait

Black Betty - Caravan Palace

Black Betty - Clubhouse Mix

Black Betty - Wubble Bounce Bootleg - Drifting

Black Betty - Scooter- Fight Scene

Black Betty - Goose Remix

Shoot to Thrill

Oh la la

Baby's on Fire

Sucking on my Titties


I fink u freeky

Right here, right now


Requiem for a Dream

Caravan Palace - Black Betty Electro Swing

Bad Romance

Work Bitch

Milk Money

Dazed and Confused

When the Levee Breaks

Working Class Hero

Bette Davis Eyes

Renegades Remix

Fuck the Pain Away One Night Stand Remix

Rolling in the Deep New Orleans Remix

Moby - Flower


Don't bring me Down

Carosel Remix

Good Feeling

Wake Me

Gold Encrusted Harmonica

Bad Romance

The Poor People of Paris - Junkshop Piano version

Walk Like an Egyptian Derealshit remix

Black Betty Oh'Sabi! Remix

United We Dance

Spitfire - Prodigy

Sail - Making Of...


White Rabbit

Forever Young

Levels - Avcii remix

ATB Ecstacy Morten Remix

Prodigy - Spitfire (SIK remix)

You Don't Own Me - Candyland Remix

Victory - Two Steps

Sara Bell - Armour

Let it go - Cassie Levy

Just like Fire - Wildboys Remix

Just life Fire - Premacy Remix

Just like Fire - Shumskiy Remix

Don't Let Me Down

Don't Bring Me Down - DJ Nitro Remix

Don't Bring Me Down - Shuffle Girls

5 Seconds of Summer - She looks so Perfect

Rolling with the Tiger

Shamisen Girls Ki&Ki - Tsugaru Jongara Bushi


Wicked Game

Carosel (SNBRN) Remix

Ironic Mars SalvoCalvo remix

Hey Mama

Hey Pig

A Thousand Years

The Climb

Untouched - Veronicas

You Ruin Me - Veronicas

Cats in the Cradle Remix

4ever - Veronicas

Lolita - Veronicas

Running up that Hill - Kerli

All the Way - Kerli

Pretty Red Apple - Kerli

Blossom - Kerli

Army of Love - Kerli

Neon Knights - Black Sabbath

Die Young - Black Sabbath

Black Betty - Varrick Frost

Black Betty - Mobb Remix

Black Betty - Oh Sabi Bounce Bootleg

Thunderstruck - Pharos Remix

Thunderstruck - 2cellos

Dancing Queen - Abba

If you want to Sing Out - Cat Stevens

Heavy Metal - One Way Ticket to Midnight

Heavy Metal - B17

I think we're alone now

Right Here - Right Now Friction & Killer Hertz Remix

Wait for Me

Ginkgoa - Don´t Give a Damn (Varrick Frost Remix)

Shower - Becky G

What a Wonderful World - Ramones

What a Wonderful World - Renee Dominique

What a Wonderful World - Abby Ward

Girlfriend - Lil Mama and Avril

Charli XCX - Lipgloss feat. cucakKe

Lipgloss - KayKay

Lipgloss - Lil Mama

Lil Mama - Lip Gloss (Gold Top Remix) Shut your Trap

Masters of War - Connie Gordon

Squidward Nose - CupcakKe

Wake Up Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Fatty Boom Boom


Running up that Hill - Jade Bird

Wake Up over the Rainbow

Way Down Below - Furtha Boys Remix

Going to Hell


I call Shade - Trinity the Tuck

She's got the Look - Roxette

Wind it Up - Gwen Stefani

When I Grow up = Pussycat Dolls

Sandstorm vs. Blow your Mind

She's Got the Look - CandleLight Red

She's Got the Look - DJ Love

My Favorite Things - Hammerstein

Barracuda - Victoria K

Queen of Hearts - Juice Newton

Mad World... in Russian

I can't Dance

Zero - Imagine Dragons

You're a Superstar - Love Inc

What about us? - Pink

Pink - What About Us (Jezzah Remix)

Don't Let Me Down - Vidya Remix


Don't You Give Up - Let Me Love You

Love me Like You Do

Blank Space

So Birdie Fly Away

Rhythm is a Dancer

Rhythm is a Dancer - Berlin Orchester

Rhythm is a Dancer - C.J. Stone

I'll fly with You - Orchestral

Adagio for Strings

Let's go all the way (fly gir multimix)

L'amours Toujours - Delaney jane

L'amours Toujours - Original Version

Set you Free


Better off alone

Are you going to be my girl - Jet

Adagio for Strings

Something - I see it in your eyes

Avicii vs Rihanna - We Found Levels

Black Betty (Ph Electro Club Remix) Die Hoerer

Black Betty TuneSquad Bootleg - Ramjam vs Spiderbait

Black Betty - Energy Syndicate

Black Betty - Tom Jones - Ziggy Phunk Oldschool

Black Betty - Mason Rock

Black Betty - Vendetta Dirty Dutch House Remix

Black Betty # Remix - yvan leonard

She's got the Look - Dj Kaktuz remix

She's got the look - Dj Raul Remix

Queen of Hearts - Dave Edmunds

Bette Davis Eyes Remix - Dinei Silva Master Mix

Salem - Better Off Alone - Atari Teenage Riot Remix

Better Off Alone & Play Hard - Albert Nerve

Sucker Punch; beginning, middle, and end

Kaelan Mikla - Kalt

Sweet Child of Mine - Heimatdamish

What if you could live a life of adventure

I am dangerous

I've been Everywhere, Man - Jade Bird

Going, Gone - Jade Bird

Adagio for Strings - DJ Tiesto

Snap - The Power - Kaktuz Remiz

Everybody Dance Now - Kactus Remix

Rebel Girl - Bikini Kill

I'll Fly with you - Toujours Remix

Womanizer - Nick Remix

Betty Boop - Charlie Puth

Betty Boop - with more fitting drop

The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy

One Woman Army - Erza Scarlet Tribute

Salute - Avatar and Legent of Korra

Dark Horse - VJ Maxxy / Mathew Nagle Remix

Don't Let Me Down / Dark Horse - Chainsmokers, Daya, Katy Perry, Juicy J, W&W

Not my Daddy - Eva / Gucci Mane

Brick by Boring Brick - Paramoure

Bad Blood - Taylor Swift

Work From Home - Muffin Remix

The Archer Supercut - Taylor and Lorde

Faded/Cheap Thrills/Alive/Airplane

Stoto - Late Night (Original Mix)

Suckerpunch vs Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams Bambi Remix

Avicii - Levels (Jesse Bloch Bootleg

Snap! - Rhythm Is A Dancer (Gianfranco D'Emilio Remix)

Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (DJ DeepDink Remix)

Alan Walker - L'amour Toujours Inspired By Gigi D'agostino

Dead or Alive - You Spin Me Around Murder Mix

Pirates of Carribean - House Electro Mix

Blade Techno Opener - Death Spiral Music

The Crystal Method - Trip Like I do

Mary lambert - Dear One

Once Upon a Dream - Holly Henry Version

Once Upon a Dream - Young Ruffian Remix

Once Upon a Dream - Ethereal Remix

Once Upon a Dream - Hoop Dance

Bittersweet Symphony - Mike Rush Remix

Bettie Davis Eyes with Clapping Live

Levels - Avcii - Hello I found Levels Version

Tomboy - Princess Nokia

THunder Thighs - Miss Eaves

Adagio for Strings - Violanza

Adagio for Strings - Tiesto / Cristina Kiseleff version

Candy Store - Heathers

Fuck the Pain Away / Peaches - Miss Piggy

Take You On - Peaches

Tombstone - Peaches

Dark Horse - Phynx Trap Remix

Better Stronger Better Faster - Reality Test Bootleg

Fergaliscious - Mitch Merkel Remix

Over the Rainbow - Charlie P. Remix

Waltz of the Flowers - Ashley Bouder

Bad Girls - MIA

My Girl - SNL - What does my girl say?

Defying Gravity - Beau Dermott

Look at her now

Old Devil Moon

Will there be Space in a Space Ship

Magneto - Messer Chups

Rockabiliy Rhythm - Tom Stormy feat Rhytm Sophie

Don't You Mess with Me - RelaxTrio

You Drive Me Nuts- Relax Trio

Victory Roll - Relax Trio

Baby Tonight - The Hawkmen

Wild Horses run Faster - FPV Drone

Shut your Mouth, run me like a River - Bishop Briggs

Zowie flying Bando Airstrip

Quad flying Amusement Park Roller Coaster

Call me - The Hillbilly Moon Explosion

Centerfold - Power Remix

Welcome to the Jungle - Jake Martins Remix

Love is Blind - Hawkmen

Teenage Wasteland - RAC remix

Once Upon a Dream - Sleeping Beauty

Another Night - Real McCoy

Infinity - Josh Project


Superbitch w/ Xena

Anyway you want it

Iris - Flying with Christina

Paperplanes Pineapple Express Remix

Pour Some Sugar on Me - The Fun of Seduction

Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar On Me remix

The Definition of Promiscuity

Hurt - 2pac & Biggie

Why does Love always feel like a Battlefield

Life is a Highway

Hump Day

The 1975 - Robbers (Alternative Music Video)

Try - Pink - Izan Remix

Tomboy - Princess Nokia

Break the Rules - Carli XCX

Pure Imagination - Holly Henry

Empty Without Me Remix - Eminem

Eminem - Without Me (Dr. Fresch Remix) - House

Strawberry Shortcake

Not an Addict - K's Choice

Crush - Tessa Violet

Ran-D & Psyko Punkz feat. K's Choice - Not An Addict

Pour some Sugar on Me

Welcome to the Jungle - Zedd Remiz

Harley Quinn - Insane Like Me

I'm not an Addict - Accelerator Remix

Bad to the Bone - Women military

Boss Bitch - Doja Cat

Kat Hernandez - My Power - Vanilla My Power

Somewhere over the Rainbow - Airport Remix

Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Video Mix

Up Up and Away

Prodigy - Hot Ride

Orinoco Flow - Factory Remix

Blank Space - Vintage Cabaret

Blank Space - Marshmello ft Bastille vs Taylor Swift

Something Just Like This/We Don't Talk Anymore

Something Just like this - Musicos de Casamento

Something Just Like This - Kids - Color Music

2001 A Space Odyssey Theme (Slow Motion Acid Sounds Remix)

HAL 9000 Remix - 2001

Imagine Dragons - Believer (Thunder)

We're in Heaven

Numbers Stations The Conet Project Part 1

Porno Feat. Jenna Bare - I can do it better Myself baby

Rick and Morty - Chaos Chaos - Do you Feel It

Clair De Lune - One Hour Ethereal Remix

Cascada - Every time we touch

Cascada - Everytime We Touch (Hardwell & Maurice West Remix)

Avicii - Wake Me Up (LUM!X Tribute Remix

Halestorm - Bad Romance

Falling in Reverse - The Drug in Me is Reimagined

French Kiss

The Big Comy Couch Season 1 Primaddona Girl

Primadonna Girl

Big Comfy Couch - Dance Academy

Lazy Town - Cooking by the book remix Lil Jon

Marina and the Diamons - Oh No1

Electra Heart

7" freestyle Brotherhobby

Diplo - Revolution (feat. Faustix & Imanos and Kai) [Gioni Remix]

Baracuda Remix - Rain

Alan Walker Mix 2020 BASS - Shuffle Dance Music Video & Electro House EDM 2020

Alan Walker & K-391 - Ignite (Remix) 2019 Best Shuffle Dance Music Video HD Mix - Electro Hous

Best Shuffle Dance Music 2020 Melbourne Bounce Music 2020 New Electro House Club Party 2020 #19

Alan Walker Mix 2019 - Shuffle Dance Music || Best Of EDM

Alan Walker Remix (Faded+Alone+The Spectre)VIDEO Shuffle Dance 2020)

Best Shuffle Dance Music 2020 ♫ Melbourne Bounce Music 2020 ♫ New Electro House &Club

Victoria's Secret Angels - Dancing Queen

Fatboy Slim & Greta Thunberg - Right Here, Right Now (Full Extended HQ)

Alan Walker - Faded - Where are you now? ( Electro Remix

Natasha Romanoff Mashup - Confident

Alan Walker Mix 2020 BASS - Shuffle Dance Music Video & Electro House EDM 2020

Fly above the Haters - FLYWOO Mr.Croc 225mm Golden 5

Dreaming of Ghosts - Not Real Anymore

Beat Saber - The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy (FC - ExpertPlus)

Diana Ross - Do you know where you're going to - Las Bibas Remix

Gidget Song

We Will Rock You - A-Capella

Ring of Fire Remix

Eureka OHara The Big Girl

Eureka OHara CupcakKe - Grilling N****S

Lemmon Pepper

Alaska ThunderFuck Puppet

Mommy Complex

Melanie Martinez Mad Hatter - Spectra Remix

Mary Lambert - Not Ready to Die Yet

LAmour Toujours - Small Remix

Heaven - Candlelight remixy

Everytime we Touch - Cascada - Yanours Candlelight Remix

Beautiful II Heathers

Melanie Martinez = Cake

Slam Dunk Your Junk and other Comfy Couch Sing Alongs

Sweet Dreams - Acappella - Holly Henry

Help Me I'm buried ALive

Try - Pink

Pink - Try (Izan Marvel Remix)>

This Little Girl is Capable of Murder - Hit Girl Tribute

Angel with a Shotgun

Xena - Dark Horse

Drummer Girl

5 o'clock

Lady GaGa - Bad Romance (David Guetta Remix) - I'm a Free Bitch

Popular Shuffle Dance Music - 2017

Best Music Mix 2018 - Shuffle Dance Music Video

Doscpver Channel EDM - Oldschool Techno, Hands Up & Jumpstyle Mix 2017

Amerika - Rammstein

Radio - Rammstein

Katy Perry - The One That Got Away

Orinco Flow Remix

GREEN CLOUDS - Trance Celtica

The Diva Dance - The Fifth Element

Spitfire Video - The Progy - Metamonica Remix

The Who - Baba O'Riley (ConfidentialMX Remix)

The Who- Teenage Wasteland (Endless & Pinto Remix).g

Pinball Wizard - Chuck Remix

Folsom Prison Blues/Pinball Wizard Mash Up (Cash/Who)

Won't Get Fooled Again Masonic Remix

Won't Get Fooled Again - Pineo & Loeb Remix

Sucerk Punch - Shut Your Mount

Foreigner - Urgent (Stoto Remix)

Foreigner vs Yazoo Urgent Situation

Yahoo - Situation Original

Yazoo Situation Club Remix

Paths of Glory (11/11) Movie CLIP - The Faithful Hussar (1957)

Little Things Mean a Lot

Make Love to me - Great Ladies of Jazz

I've Got the World on a String

Petula Clark - Downtown - German

Teenage Wasteland - ConfidentialMXs Remix

Heathers Disto Remix

Rock me Amadeus Remix

Rock me Amadeus 2013

Sandstorm Remix

Better off Alone Remix - Charli XCX - Unlock it

Better off Alone - DJ VIctor Borge - Unlock it

Better off Alone Remix - Barely Alive - Hardcore Dubsteb Remix

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World - Black Sheep

Something French

Five Finger Death Punch - House Of The Rising Sun

Wall Of Voodoo - Ring Of Fire (Remix) (Anita Carter)

Cardi B - WAP feat. Megan Thee Stallion

Cardi B - WAP feat. Megan Thee Stallion [Official Music Video]

Cardi B - WAP Thee Stallion Remix

Cardi B - WAP - Sped UP BOP remix

Tap in - Sweetie - Dance Version

aylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do (DJ Linuxis Remix)

Taylor Swift - ...Ready For it ? (Rose Diamonds Remix)

Taylor Swift vs Taylor Swift - Ready for Trouble?

Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift - Look What Dark Horses Do (Mashup)

I feel happy - In German - Ja des ggreid mi

Katy Perry - Dark Horse (REVOKE Remix)

Princess Nokia–Tomboy (CRAY Remix)


Iggy Azalea - Black Widow (Delay Remix)

Mary Lambert - Not Ready To Die Yet

You're an Alien - Katy Perry - E.T. ft Kanye West Beat Saber

Pinball Wizard - Chuck Remix

We Will Rock You, Bossa Nova! Mashup

Bewitched Hip Pop Version

I dream of Genie Rap Sucker

14 times Dorothy was a Straight up Gangster - Great Intro

Zing the Atrocious

Queen - Flash (PiotreQ Remix) [MUSIC VIDEO]

SHAZAM song - "Say it!"

Single Girl - Chris Commisso

Muppet Girlfriend

Candice Wore Her Converse

Mc Donald's Girl - Chris Commisso

Bad Tatto

Aerosmith vs Red Hot Chili Peppers- Walk this Way to Kiss the Beats

Olivia Newton John - You're The One That I Want (Almighty Radio Edit)

You're the One that I want - Xanadudog

Front 242 Headhunter - apoptygma berzerk kajamoto remix

Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do (DJ Linuxis Remix)

Heavy Metal - One way ticket to Midnight

Peaches - Flip This

Joan Baez - Donna Donna

Esther & Abi Ofarim:Le Déserteur

Rick James vs MC Hammer - Can't Touch This Super Freak - Best

> U Cant Touch This - Impozible Remix

Dr. Lee presents Can't Touch This Covid Parody

Aerosmith vs Red Hot Chili Peppers- Walk this Way to Kiss the Beats

We Will Rock You, Bossa Nova! Mashup

Grease Vs Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg Mashup by Disfunctional DJ

MC Hammer vs Eurythmics vs New Order vs Talking Heads vs Donna Summer

A Fly Girl" (Endope Remix)

Boogie Boys A Fly Girl Remix old skool rap

Boogie Boys ‎– A Fly Girl (Dub)

D I S S I N - Y O U R - F L Y - G I R L - *extended*

Sly Fox - Let's go all the way (multi mix)

Watup Bitch feat. Flygirl Tee Radio Edit

White Gurl (feat. Bun B, Pimp C of UGK & Juelz Santana)

Little Mix - Wings remix

Avril Lavigne - Hello Kitty (Barely Alive & Twine Remix)

Ice Cream Truck (Impozible Trap Remix)

Mr. Softee Turned Hard (Ice Cream Remix)


Ice Cream Truck (Remix) SushiiInMyIceCream @roscoesushii

ZZTop La Grange BuenOos Remix

Remix ZZ Top La Grange version Trance by Raja Ram

Sub Urban - Freak (feat. REI AMI) [Official Music Video]

Take It Off (Angel & Charlie's Song) | Hazbin Hotel

Dark Horse / Monster / Take It Off | Hazbin Hotel (Switching Vocals)

Take me Away

We're in Heaven

Everytime we Touch

Castles in the Sky

Fly on the Wings of Love

Fly on the Wings of Love Dimentsopma

Linkin Park - In the End (Markus Schultz Tribute

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