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Choppergirl's Big List of FPV, UAVs, Quad, and Drone Research

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List maintained by Choppergirl

the Joan of Arc of FPV

A Motherfucking Liftoff PLUR Princess
Let my fingers do what they want...

I am the Cleaning Lady.
I process an overloaded target rich ocean of aerial and ground threats
like a sewing machine moving through a slaughter house

I am Choppergirl. I fly for freedom. I fly on the wings of the dead. I frolic in the sky.

Fly it like you stole it.

Favorite videos

Would you dear crossing over

WhatTheFPV Freestyle - Brando

Cinematic Bowling Alley Flight

Lower Cam Tilt and Lower Rates = More Control

7,3km Long Range TBS Source One 7inch (video and battery test)

Water Park

Autumn Colors - Cinematic Long Range FPV | DJI FPV | 8k

FPV Long Range Formation Flying Quadcopter Chasing Part 1

Flying in a Autumn Larch Forest 5K

FPV Proximity Flying | Gopro Hero 9

Acquafraggia's Waterfalls - Val Chiavenna - Italy


Bidirectional DSHOT and RPM Filter Betaflight 4.0

Moral of the Story - Hyperlow Airshot Midrange Cine

The Art of FPV FreeStyle & Cinematic (Chased by cows..!)

Thank God it's Fall Flywoo Explorer LR

Best FPV moments of 2014

Mt. Cha-Kan

Viking Valley Fall

Shaggy's 2019 Showreel

I'M A BAD GUY (fixed audio) FPV Freestyle / FPV Cinematic

Cine with Tina (whoop) / Caddx vista / Gopro Hero 6 Lite

Swiss Mountain Farming


Zombie FPv with Armattan Marmotte DJI FPV

1'st Flight with Flywoo Mr. Croc with DJI Digital FPV System

Cinematic FPV - Flying over Switzerland

Betaflight Raw Tune Shakedown - Field Flying

For Mum, who believed I could fly

All Time high

Free to Move Again - Everybody's Talking about Sex

Indy Race Car Sounds

Cotton Bando

The Tower

Church FPV - The Omen!! __ EmuFlight _ Ethix Stout V3 _ Cosa Nostra

Epic Long Range FPV Mountain Surfing - 7km round trip

6 Minutes Of Mountain Surfing in Norway

Dive to the forbiden forest. 120 bunker

Enjoy the ride with DJI FPV

BACK TO THE MOUNTAINS! With the Insta360 One R 1 Inch Sensor 5.3K

FPV Meditation & Smoke Signals... Umagawd / Tommy in Water

I'm Bored In The House And I'm In The House

Solomon Islands DJI FPV - Rebel for Kicks

Ice Bounce

Train FPV Freeride

Star Wars Cinewhoop

Dive to the Forbidden Forest - Cincewhoop + Freestyle Quad

Oak forest

Mongolia - Horses



Seagull Style, le Style de la Mouette !



FELLOWSTICKS. 2 Days Before Lockdown...

Upstream: Risk vs Reward

Perspective: A long range FPV journey up a mountain & into the mind

Ascent: Long distance peaks, waterfalls, lakes and sun

Sunset Surfing | FPV Drone flying Mountain Surfing | 4K Gopro 8

3rd Person View (3PV) w/ Insta360 GO

EURO TRIPPIN' | Beautiful Destinations

Drone Flying through Fireworks! 4th of July!

THE WATERFALLS OF LAOS • 4K Cinematic FPV • FLog 121

Cinematic FPV - Ultimate Long Range Paradise [Switzerland]


DJI FPV SYSTEM | First Real Flight

Flight of the Year - Nurk Trains, Bridges, Rapids, Mountains, Sunset

Reverb at end - Elevation: Long Range FPV up a mountain

Back in France - Bando Flow - FPV Freestyle

6 inch fpv freestyle - Best Practice area - smoothest setup ever

All the Good Girls go to Hell - FPV Spring Forest

I don't know what's real anymore, I don't know why - FPV: Summer...Time...

FPV - The Drop!!!

CINE EXPLORER | Exploration with a FPV Drone

Switzerland with an FPV Drone | Ultimate Long Range 2

Moscoe City Dieves

Snow Land - Russia

Extreme Mountain Surfing : COLA FPV

Cinematic - Nature over Factory

We went to a HUGE bando

You Won't Believe This Is In Italy 4k

Drone Chase and FPV flying - Ski Lift

6 Minutes Of Mountain Surfing in Norway | FPV Cinematics

FPV Drone Compilation 2019 - my EPIC FPV Drone Year in one hour - Deerstand

Surfing Sandstone

Sleepy Hollow Cemetary

FPV Surfing Mount Hahnen Uri Alps Switzerland

Lyndhurst Mansion

Long Range FPV to the Top of Mount Titlis Engelberg Switzerland 4K 60fps

Defqon.1 2019 Endshow By FPV Drone | Fireworks Insanity

Insta 370 One X drone 360

How to FPV in China

Alpine Stroll

Cloud Diving

Reunion Island

Flying a Mall

Cruising with the Birds

Flying over a gorgeous Golf Course in north Italy

Riding Madara Rocks 8K 60fps (extrapolated from 1080p 60fps)

astrox x5 | fpv drone freestyle | golf course

Flying Flooded Golf Course



Roller Coaster

Bando Airstrip

Saying Goodbye to Analog

Raw Freestyle

What is Freestyle

Krka Waterfalls

Banos Waterfalls - Water Keeps Falling

Power Looping Alta

Diving Tallest Building in Europe

Ancient Roman Ruins

Tall Chimney Dive

Air to Air FPV

Japanese Schoolgirls in Classroom

Go Pro Max on a drone

Guerilla FPV - Downtown Atlanta

Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers

Chateu Noisy

Chateu Fleckenstein

Flying the Colosseum

Hitler reacts to Rotor Riot Bridge Dive

Ramble: DJI Digital FPV System

Stretching the Wings - Forest Flying

Drones vs Windows

DJI Titan Combo

Amazing Tulip Fields

One Year of Helicopter Flight - Most Ecstatic Flight

Traveling to the Least visted Country in the World

Here's What a TINY Drone with a 4K Camera Can Do

Skyhnter / Skywalker / Falcon

200 Days of My Life - DJI Mavic Pro 2

Why Should you fly Freestyle at 800mw?

Forbidden FPV - Holidays Only!

World's Largest Race Drone

Biggest FPV Compilation 2018

Amazing World of Drone Racing and FPV Freestyle - Roman Candles

Deep in Guatemalan Jungle

The Iceland FPV experience

Long Range Dreaming: Austria

Ripping around Heavy Equipment

Dolomites - the Scariest Crash! Alpine Cow

Biggest FPV Compilation 2018

Seattle + JB's X-Class BEAST!

Zero Fvcks Given - Fly it like you stole it"

Steele's House is Fun - Awesome Audio - Quad Screams

Abandoned Smoke Stack

Freestyle Tulips

FPV uncut - Industrial Cathedral : Filature Levavasseur

Russian Commerical for Office Complex(?)

Particles Slo Mo

Rare moments - Armattan Rooster Proximity Freestyle

Flying under a waterfall with a Drone - Tiny whoop

Dive into The Big Hole - Armattan Rooster

Landed on a Ferris Wheel

HawaiiBalls Formation Proximity

Finding the Perfect Hole

You are the Universe but society teaches limitations

One Year of Helicopter Flight

Diving the Tallest Building in Europe - Lakhta

Diving the Tallest Bulding - Burj Khalifa

The Farm - Burn the Stars

Proximity Flying - Rochester Modellers Club

Parchute drop

COFPV - Graugans v. Chimera v. Skyhunter Flying Wing FPV - Coal Train

Two Days on the Big Ridge

Insta 360 one X - drone 360



Team Blacksheep FPV Instagram

Golf Courses FPV

15 Insta360 One R Tips and tricks

Good Quadcopter Channels - in no order



Joshua Bardwell

Rotor Riot

Snake FPV



Livyu FPV

InLoveWithFlight - Copterella

Drone Camps


Rotor Riot

Le Drib

Mr Steele

MinChan FPV



Viper FPV




Michael Rollins

Møde 7 FPV

Gal Kremer

Cricket FPV

Monkey FPV

Szero7 RC

Half Chrome



Katsu FPV

TheMighty Thor




Botgrinder FPV

Drone Supremacy

Jordan Temkin

Slash7 FPV

Webby FPV

Johnny FPV

Beautiful Destinations

RC Schim

Albert Kim

Project FPV

Frédéric Dauch RC


Mad RC

Stinger Swarm

Try Again

Sugar FPV

Maker's Muse


Catalyst Machineworks

Mute FPV

Russell FPV

Florent Roque

Team Blacksheep

Team Blacksheep videos on Instagram


Chris Sullivan

Nick Burns

FPVtv Drones


Rewind FPV

Jon E5 FPV Drone

Snow Man daemn42

bobesh oz

Krylosis FPV


Nicolas Gaillard

jTrue FPV

Georgi Tushev

UAV Tech

Quadcopter Crash Courses

How to Setup Your Switches - Taranis Q X7: Creating Switches and Betaflight set up

Rotor Builds

Learn to FPV - Rotor Riot - Youtube

Betaflight 4.2 OSD Disappeared and Upload Font Not Working

How to make your TX read out low voltages

Open TX University

Learn to fly in under 24 hours

Oscar Liang

Oscar Liang's Tutorials

FPV Basics

FPVKnowitAll - Joshua Bardwell

Top Six FPV Drone Racing Beginner Mistakes

Yaw Tricks - Quad Theory

Tips and Tricks for Flying Smoother

Pulling it Together - Quad Theory - Basic Stuff

A newbie's guid to UAVs

How to Fly a Quadcopter - My First Drone

How to Fly a Drone - Quad Basics

How to Fly line of sight acro

Top 5 Rookie Mistakes

How to Shoot Real Estate Videos

The astounding athletic power of quadcopters

3 Trick FAA Part 107 Questions


Cricket Interview

5 Drone Flying Techniques you must master

Learning to Fly a cinematic FPV Drone in One Week

How to Fly your Mavic through a house

How to Race Any RC Drone or Car with Tiny FPV Cams

Quadcopter 101

15 Causes of Drone Crashes and Flyaways

Top 5 Freestyle Tips

Mavic Pro Settings - Stop Getting Terrible Footage

Make your Mavic Pro Footage Look Cinematic Fast

Make your Mavic Air Footage Look Cinematic Fast

DJI Mavik Pro Footage - Tips

10 Cinematic Drone Shots for Better Aerial Footage

Weird Frame Design for Filming

Impossible Sticker Placement with a Drone

Top 10 - FPV Drone Mistakes to Avoid

The Secret to a Perfect Flying Drone (soft mounting motors)

How to FPV Fastest Way - First Purchase

Hot to FPV Part 2 - Controller and Sim Setup

How to FPV Part 6 - Battery Management

How to FPV Part 7 - LiPo Battery Charging

Ethix FPV Bible

Go Pro Hero Black 7 - Beginners Guide

Go Pro Hero 8 Black Tutorial - Getting Started

How to Build a Cinematic FPV Racing Drone

Caddx (with) ND Filters

Eachine TX05 Micro FPV Battery Cradle

Ultimate FPV Antenna Test 2019

Your Next FPV vTX is on this list

Dji Mavic Grade your footage like a Pro with 3D LUTs

Converting a Freestyle Drone to 3D

Tested: IQ Motion Control Speed Modules for Next Level 3D Drone Flying

My Custom GoPro Settings for Best FPV Footage

Best GoPro Settings for FPV

URUAV DC 6S Quick Battery Charger/Discharger

Confusing Terms Explained

How to Make AIr Gates and B-Line Gates Review

$20 Instant Pop Up Drone Racing Gates

DIY $10 Drone Racing Gates Lighted

FVP Racing Air Gates

FPV for Beginners

Quad Questions

Go Pro Hero7 Black Settings for FPV Drone Videos

Melt your Footage - Butterfly Smooth Gopro

GoPro hero 8 Black Review - First Flights

How to make your Taranis play audio with a switch

How to make your Taranis read out low voltage

Easy mods & accessories to make your T16 Pro Hall Jumper radio unique

How to flash firmware to your Jumper T16

Jumper T-16: How to Bind and Set Up New Model

How to Charge Your Jumper T16 Pro Batteries

Favorite FPV drone tools: for the RC FPV hobby

Will it 3d? Mojo Maiden Z's Custom 3D 2207 2450kv HyperTrain Edition

Why 2150 kv might be the perfect motor for Freestyle - Holybro Kopis 2

Air Hogs Star Trek Enterprise

16 Sneaky Thinkgs Noobs Miss. Common Problems

Air Mode Flight Demo FPV

IQ Motion Control Speed Modules for Next Level 3D Flying

10 Soldering Tips to Instantly Improve Your Soldering Skills

The tools I use and why I bought them

Flight Controller Wiring for Beginners 2020

3 Money Saving FPV Quad tips

5 Tips I wish I knew before flying FPV quadcopters

25 TIPS, HACKS AND SECRETS all FPV pilots need to know

The History of FPV: People who flew in the 1980s

Set up / GPS rescue / Failsafe / Tyro 119

Eachine Tyro 129 Build Guide

How to recover drones stuck high up in a tree

Taranis Q x7 Playlist

Radiomaster TX-16s Thread

Radiomaster 21700 Packs - Charging Kit

Customizing T-16 screen images

China and our industry's economy

88.4Km FPV long range flight

TBS Source travel - FPV-Cinematic Castle Flyover

Landing with AIR mode enabled

How accurate are ISDT Chargers - Calibrating chargers & multimeters

RC Basics - Introduction to how a RC radio system works

RC Quick Tip - PWM, PPM, CPPM, S-BUS and Sat. explained for beginners

5 Reasons my Freestyle Videos are Lies - Nurk GoPro tips

How I flew FPV in the 1980s

PC Power supplies - how to convert to power a lipo charger

Why you need a 24v power supply to charge your lipos

InstaMorph Gimbal Protector - How to Make DIY FlySky Radio Cover

How to choose motors for your drone - especially for 7-inch quads

All about Multirotor propellors

Why 2150 kv might be teh perfect motor for freestyle

The CheaterKwad

How to FPV (Part 6) LiPo Battery Management

Servo Gimbal on an FPV Drone

Real Steady Go - Goprop post process stablization

How to build a Cinematic FPV Drone in 2020

Betaflight 3.4 & 3.5 Setup For Total Beginners

Betaflight 4.2 setup and 5 changes to make

Battery amp-hour, watt-hour and C rating tutorial

Quadcopter Motor Fundamentals | Interview With Ryan Harrell

Long Range FPV Drone Motor With High Efficiency - Flywoo NIN 2806.5 1350KV

How to make 6s li-Ion 18650/21700 battery for long range FPV PART 2

Automatic Trick on a Switch How to

7 Is Your Lipo Safe to Charge - When to Throw it Out

How lipo battery's performance affected by temperature?

Choppergirl - What I'm currently working on

How to Setup Your Switches - Taranis Q X7: Creating Switches and Betaflight set up

Rotor Builds

Learn to FPV - Rotor Riot - Youtube

Betaflight 4.2 OSD Disappeared and Upload Font Not Working

How to make your TX read out low voltages

Jumper T16 show telemetry on screen - Widget Setup

4.2 tuning notes on the Betaflight github

Betaflight 4.2 in depth PID tune on 6S

UAV Tech BF 4.2 Tips | No gyro filter??

Pid Tuning Master Class

5-Tips for Performance in 10-minutes

Betaflight 7" Quad Tuning (6",7",10" etc.)

UAV TEch - PID Tuning Principles PDF

DJI FPV System - Long Range & RX Frame Rates

Lipo Performance Database Results

Beginner Guide // How To Setup Betaflight FPV Drone Complete Guide 2019

Taranis Q X7: Creating Switches (and Betaflight set up)

How to make your Taranis read out low voltage

TBS Crossfire Series: TBS Nano Rx Setup Tips

Using ESCs As A Lost Model Alarm (Beeper)

BLHELI_32 IS HERE (what the heck is blheli_32)

Radiomaster TX16s Radio Setup - Complete Start to Finish


Betaflight 4.2 OSD Disappeared & Upload Font Not Working

Betaflight 4.0 Switchable OSD Profiles and Stick Overlay in OSD

Betaflight 4.2 in depth PID tune on 6S (featuring iFlight Cidora SL5-E)

Betaflight 4.2 Tuning Notes

Betaflight 7" Quad Tuning (6",7",10" etc.)

BlackBox: Trace Imports, BBE Review & PID Loop 101

UAVTech PID Tuning Principles

I LOVE THIS THING ITS ONLY $12 // Pan Tilt 2 Axis Camera FPV Gimbal

FLYWOO F722 GOKU Stack - Setup & Overview

Fly For 30 Minutes? Flywoo Explorer LR - Setup, Review & Flight Footage

Betaflight 4.2 tuning for long range (7+ inch) | 8inch | Iflight xl 10 | xing 2806.5

Timmy RC PID Tuning Tutorial - How to Tune Your Drone

Smooth HD video on 7-inch quads - 7 tips and tricks




DRL / Drone Racing League

Oscar Liang's Best Quadcopter Simulators List

Real Flight



GTA V is the Best FPV Sim

GTA V meets DRL

Ultimate GTA-V Quadcopter Simulator Setup

LeFix Quadcopter Simulator for GTA5 update

Tutorial: GTAV Racing Drone Mod and Taranis Setup

Connect your DJI FPV Goggles to Liftoff / Any HDMI or RCA output XSR-SIM USB dongle wireless FrSky adapter to bind (go cableless) to radio Curry Kitten Simulator

Aircraft and Ultralight Plane Simulators

Real Flight

Help for Flight simulators

Flight Sim Forum

Best Setup for Ultralight Training

Glass Panel


Just Flight

Ultralight Sim Models

FPV Stores

Banggood Coupon Generator



Race Day Quads

Rotor Riot

Bang Good


Gear Best

Horizon Hobby

Piro Flip RC

Hobby King

Team Legit

Team BlackSheep

China Hobby Line


Pyro Drone

Deal Extreme

Hobby Cool

Grayson Hobby

Ready Made RC

Heli Nation

Air Blade,/a>


CNC Madness - Carbon Fiber Machining for Drones

Gorilla Grip Drawer and Shelf Liner


23 of the Best Quadcopter Forums



Multirotor Forums

DIY Drones Forums

X class / Beast Class

12S Lightweight X-Class LOS X-class freestyle raw!

iFlight X-Class Build Overview

Joshua Bardwell - Beast Class Build Playlist

Beastly Cruising

Beast on the Track

Quadroter - 24 step instructable

Beast Class VBlog #1 (Tasmanian 575 Maiden

8S Hildabeast 570mm FPV Drone

100+ mph -12S Cannonball 800

12s on 5inch - a quick view of the future?

Freestyling the 12S Monster with 7 in Props

I built a 12s fpv miniquad that runs at 50v

movr5r2 f80 2500kv 5.1x4.1x3 hqprop

267kph movr5r2 f80 2500kv

close one aeon ul16 aurora2305 2500kv ethix s4
aeon ul16 aurora2305 2500kv 5.1x3.1x3 popo hqprop

The BRIGHTEST Drone You've Ever Seen! | iFlight X-Class LOS Ft. TinysLEDs

8S Hildabeast 570mm FPV Drone

Long Range

DJI Digital FPV System Review - Maximum Range Test 4.0 miles (700mw) How Far on 4GLte

DJI Digital FPV System Maximum Range Test (1200mW Hack)

Parrot Disco over 4G/LTE

Parrot Disco NIGHT FURY 4GLte


7Betaflight blackbox GPS data | virtual 3D flyover | FPV drone

360 Cam on a Drone: Insta360 One R Twin Edition Review

Drone Keeper Micro
CIA Project Aqualine


Ryan Model 147

11 km Long Range Fail | DJI FPV | 7 inch Drone

Camera Settings


ND Filters

Superview for DJI - Runcam - Caddx + More

Insta360 One R ZIPLINE / 3 COOL things

I built a Real GOD MODE Camera! 360 Drone Mod

3 Major Flaw SOLVED Insta360 One R 1 Inch Leica Mod Vlogging Setup High Quality Audio

Ulanzi Metal Cage for Insta360 One R, Best vlog cage solution


7) Soldering Tools and Techniques

Eakins Microscope Barlow Lenses

How To Easily Spot Weld Cells Battery Packs LiFePO4 Lithium Ion

Variable Collective Pitch 3D quads - Gasoline Powered / Electric

MantaRay Prototype 1230

Curtis Youngblood's TDP-MR

Eoxs Multicopt - Heavy Lift Gas Engine Quadcopter

Nitro Stingray test flight

Flite Test - 3D Quad & How It Works

AMA Expo 2014: Nick Maxwell Sintgray Demo

Stingray 500 Setup Vid# 19 - How is Stingray 3D different

Stingray 500 Setup Vid# 21 - Painting Lexan Body Scifi Stingray

Stingray Night Race

Assault Reaper 500 3D Quadcopter

Assault Reaper 500 3D Quadcopter

Flocky und sein Assault Reaper 500

Assault Reaper 500 Collective Pitch Quad RTF Unboxing and Flight

Stingray 500 and Reaper 500

Stingray 500 Setup Vid #2

Boeing CAV

Voltage 500 3D

Alan Szabo Jr. Leap 3D Quad test flight

Giant Drone with Reverse Thrust - 3D X-Class

Chaotic 3D Quad

3DQ by Aeritech variable pitch quads

Vairable Pitch Quadcopter Vibrations Test

Variable Pitch Drone Helicopter Hybrid


Serial Driver

Rezimbi GUI

Part 1 Video

Part 2

Part 3 Video

Other Resources

How the DJI FPV Video system works! (Air Unit, Vista and FPV drone

Quadcopter - Wikipedia

Uav Systems International - Heavy UAVs

Drone Laws by Country


Jumper T16 iNav Telemetry Setup

FatShark Scout Goggle comparison

Fatshark Fit Review and Improvements

Can you get a job flying commercial drones

Biggest Mistakes I made as a Freelance Filmaker

Ken Heron - Flying your drone for money

DJI Pro vs Professional Cinema Drone

Drone Pilot - What I do for Work

DJI Inspire 2 vs Mavic 2 Pro

DJI Digital FPV System - HD FPV is here

Crossfire Overview and Setup



Gopro Fusion on a Stick

JJRC H68G Bellwether

3 piltos Tune same Fpv drone

1 Million Dollar Drone Race

DJI Digital FPV System Maximum Range Test 1200mw hack


A8 GPS Tracker

21 Early Stage Drone Companies to Watch Out For

Futaba High End Transmitters

A Big And Bizarre Drone Mystery Is Unfolding In Rural Colorado

US responds to th reat from Chinese drones

FPV Freedom Coalition

Motors and Robots

Pixy F Gimbaled Camera

Mini Quad Test Bench Results

Mini Quad Test Bench - Motors

UAV factory

2208 vs 2207 talk, My builds, some other stuff...

Gemfan 51433

Jumper T16 Internal Battery Charging Mod

How a head tracker works

How drones have come to dominate the battlefield

The Future of Airpower

165 MPH! 6s quad

sUAS News - the business of drones

Drone & Sundry

Scherrer UHF 100km Long Range UHF System unboxing Review


Drone Citadel

Drone Safety Map

Props in Props Out

DJI Digital FPV System - Maxium Range Test on 4GLte Parrot Disco

Connecting DJI System up

10 Thermal Vision Cameras for Drones

Catapult Glider on a Quad

Dutch Drone Gods

Dutch Drone Gods Trance Festival Footage

AliExpress JCAI RC Model Store - JJRC H68 Parts

AliExpress JCAI RC Model Store - JJRC H68 Parts - Short Link

Custom Lanyards

Drone DJ


Good Brothers Pioneers in Radio Controlled Model Aviation

History of quadcopters EP2 - Joseph Blumrich's 1968 Eziekel's wheel

Hisotry of the Modern Consumer Drone

Betaflight Modes Screen for Mixes Above

Betaflight Adjustment Screen for Mixes Above

Ultra Aerial Violence

The only way to win the game is to quit the game and leave it forever.

If you know of any super useful resources I've omitted from this list, email me at choppergirl @

I'll clean up and organize this page eventually, it's just basically my place holder for the moment.

Eventually I need to organize this better and install some type software so that anybody can edit and add to the list / directory.

The Big Video Topic

Crashes in the News


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