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Warning: hacks are not permitted, and idle players get kicked.

I am generally opposed to rules of all kind, so therefore I keep them down to the barest of minimums simply to protect the server and keep it running for an optimal experience for all players, so that we can all have a fun time and play the game the way it was meant to be played, to the utmost extreme. AIRWAR takes BF2142 to a whole new level, and in many ways, AIRWAR is an extremly unique server and the *only* game in town. There are no other servers in the world where you can play BF2142 like you can in AIRWAR. Not even in the full game. AIRWAR is it, baby.

Though 'officially' there are no rules in place what so ever, in reality people can be unbelievably and incredibly purile and immature, and downright base and low, unscrupulous, destructive, and outright patehtic. I spend many, many hours to setup and build something wonderful and beautiful for the enjoyment of all, and these monkeys come around and try and trash it up just because, well, they are stupid. There is no reason behind their motivation, they are simply just really retarded. I've met such people in real life, the world is an ocean full of them. In fact, I have a whole family of them living right across the street from me, so I know all about these sorts.

As the custodian, caretaker, and creator of AIRWAR, I respond to these retards and their assasine and stupid assaults upon my creation, with of course, what else, violence. I am a vengeful and harsh god inside the virtual game world, and I terminate players access to the server at my whim and discression, if I feel their nefarious actions are doing harm to the server or completly trashing or skewing the game experience overall for everybody.

Invalid Tactics

The following is not permitted on my server

Running hacks -- these little tools interfer and intercept the game data TCP/IP stream. They are usually poorly written and claim to be 'undetectable'. They are not. It is pretty easy to spot someone using them, which will earn you a PERMANENT BAN. While I am down with hackers who create and write most excellent code which improves the world, these are not hacks, because you did not write them yourself. They are scriptkiddie tools and are often poorly written, and their screwing around with the game data tends to make the server crash at random. If you use these, I have a warning for you... most are secretly payloaded with viruses. I don't recommend you even experiment with them for that reason. If I see you running a hack, you'll get a Permanent Ban.

Aimbots -- these are tools installed outside the game. If you use these, well, you are pathetic. You're not improving your skill, and you're wasting your time. AIRWAR is not a ranked server, and you have nothing to gain but a false sense of accomplishment and skill. In a real world tournament, you would not be permited to use such crutches and you'd quickly find out how much skill you don't have against real players. Again, many times these are bundled with viruses. Use them at your own peril. I don't recommend them. You will be looked down upon with scorn by most serious players.

Being Idle -- connecting to my server and then wandering off and not playing; this wastes my limited bandwidth and player slots. The system will automatically kicks you after being idle for 5 minutes. That's enough time for you to fetch some goodies from the refridgerator or take a bathroom break, so you can't complain.

Teamkilling -- After five punished teamkills you'll get kicked by the system for the duration of the game.

Glitching or Exploiting Mesh Glitches -- BF2142 uses a lot of very complicated code to create the illusion of a virtual reality. Objects are created with collision meshes, which detect when players or objects or bullets bump up against them. Sometimes these meshes have holes in them, or more commonly, you can use a vehicle to eject yourself behind a mesh and inside an object. I patch these when and if I can, but EA does not release patches for the demo, so somethings are not easily fixed. Do not use glitching to hide inside buildings, objects, and so on and shoot out at people and pad your score. People will spot you out, cry foul, and you'll get banned.

Valid Tactics

Unlike most other servers, AIRWAR is unique in that I run it as an open field of combat without rules restricting combat tactics. You may see on other servers that 'such and such is forbidden', etc. This is not true on my server. With the exception of exploiting wall glitches, if you can do it inside the game running a clean unmodified client, then it is allowable.

Any tactic or method "inside the game" you can use to kill your opponent and overthrow the balance of power to win I deem it "valid". This includes many tactics which you may have found to be forbidden on other servers.

As an example, the following tactics (and anything else you can dream up) are acceptable on my server:

Air Ramming

Chopper Dropping

Jeep Jihading



Base raping

Formerly I enacted a rule against Titan Roof Camping, as there is a flaw in the EU Titan shield that leaves areas exposed for people with rocket launchers to camp on the Titan and shoot aircraft leaving the EU Titan. However, I'm retracting it with the introduction of the Air Transports ability to bomb. It now becomes a trivila matter to fly up, hit your shields, and bomb these campers.

If someone is camping your, you have several options to take them out. You can POD up there using the Titan Pods or an APC pod launcher and kill them with any weapon... I recommend a Pistol. You can fly out, hit your shields, turn around, and shoot them. You can walk the rail up there with a sniper rifle and take them out. Or you can fly up with the Air Transport, activate your shields, and dump an ocean of bombs on them which will do the trick.

A Word about TK punishes

A teamkilling punish system is in place, to stop people when I'm not around who are on a rampage teamkilling everyone in site indiscriminatly. Use it. If you think someone teamkilled you ON PURPOSE, do not teamkill them back. Simply press PGDWN and punish them, and let them keep killing you. After five punishes they will be kicked from the game.

However, do not punish a team member automatically simply because they killed you. You're default reaction should overwhelmingly be to forgive teamkills. And here's why.

This is combat, and in combat, a heck of a lot of accidents happen. People run into each other accidentally all the time. Sometimes your in a zone with an enemy after you, and you are trigger happy, and you'll shoot the first thing that runs up behind you. Sometimes you get blown out of the sky, and your flaming aircraft falls upon a teammate and kills them. Sometimes you are carpet bombing an area where you see lots of enemy, and one of your team just happens to be in there you don't see and gets teamkilled.

I have had people teamkill punish me for all the above reasons, and they are not valid reasons.

I'd like to mention as an aside, if you're riding in an Air Transport, and you hear the pilot honking the horn a lot, its probably not wise to jump out and parachute down, because he's dumping a lot of exploding bombs and you are going to parachute right into these explosions. I've had people do this to me on bombing runs and punish me, and I'm like... its your own fault, that's why the horn is there! To warn you I'm bombing like crazy.

A Word about Kick Votes

A kick voting system exists to kick nuisance players off the system, but overwhelmingly these do not go through, and its just players trying to kick other players off they don't like or who killed them and hurt their feelings. This is not what the system is for, all you are doing is being a nuisance by starting a kick vote. Before you start a kick vote, state what the other player is up to, what evidence you have to support it, and demand the other player respond to your accusation. Then you can start a kick vote. Otherwise, you're just wasting everyone's visual time and your kick vote will not go through, because it is set at a high threshold and you are going to need overwhelming votes from players of both teams. If someone starts a kick vote on someone you know nothing about their behavior, hit the TAB key and look at the accused player in question, and if their score is extremely negative, then yes they probably need kicking.

These rules subject to change without notice, inside the game at my whim as necessary. Usually I am pretty cool about things, and you won't find a cooler admin anywhere else.


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