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Learn the 2142 aerial warfare gunship battle mentality, from my dictionary! Most of this I made up in the back of my mind in the of course of playing the game.

There are some very basics you should burn into your brain, like always turn to face your enemy, as soon as you spot them... purse them until they are dead... and of course, lead your target... shoot where they are going to be when your bullets get there, not where they are now. I'm not going to get into those here, but I've seen such bad playing on my server I see I'm going to have to write a basic course for those totally battle skill challenged. This is not about that however, this is about vocabulary... because by learning vocabulary and terminology of war you can begin to develop the warrior mindset. THese are just some funny little terms I came up one with my own to describe the environment of gunship warefare... they are neighter static nor set in stone, but are constantly mutating to suit conditions and whim. The Choppergirl Effect - sorry to say, my server can go for hours at night or in the morning without anybody connecting. That is, until I connect to it. People check the server list and see me alone inside the server, or see just me there, period, and will join. I'd be nice to think it was because of my sparkling personality, but the sad truth is its just because I'm a girl in a male dominated game. Is okay, I guess. Just remember, my trigger finger works just as fast or faster than yours, gender irrelevant. And I'm the goddess of war. So come on in. The more bodies to fill the body bags with.

Chopper - this is what I call the gunships, respectively, the Doragon and the Talon, in BF2142. I imagine I got this from watching too many reruns of the M*A*S*H sitcom where Radar yells "Choppers!". Other people in the game call them Choppers because I call them choppers... if I don't, they pick it up from my name and forever call them choppers there after.

Flying Tubs - this is what I call the air transports, because, quite literally, to me anyway, its like bathtubs. With the manueverability to match.

The Choppergirl Spin - this is when I first leave the Titan in the gunship, I'll do a left hand 360 spin right out the door, to see if some loser is lurking off the right hand side or behind me waiting for me to fly off. If they are, it almost always ends in their death.

The Egg Roll - this is one done just to be funny retarded,when you nose over the gunship leaving off the Titan, and actually roll it on its side and 'roll' down the front side of the titan, recovering from being upside down before you hit the ground. It does some damage but you live. Fun to do when you got a gunner who jumps in with you, and it just about always makes them type 'wtf!'... what the fuck! The Egg that I'm rolling, of course, being off course, the idiot who jumped in the plane as my gunner... I do a hell of a lot better without a gunner, thank you very much, and Choppergirl works alone.

Someone's Painting my Nails - or, painting me with radar... this is when my radar alarm starts going off, and tells me someone is down there is actively targeting me and got me in their sights with the Walker AA, the Anti Aircraft Gun, or a Sholder Fired Missle.

My French Fry Machine is going off - this is what I call the radar detector on the Gunship... it beeps like a fast food restaurant machine does when the Fries are done... usually incessantly... when I am being painted with radar.

The Choppergirl 'Kiss' - this is when I hit a lone infantry man on the ground with a TV guided missle. In the beginning it was kind of elite to do, but now I actually do this extremely often as the prefered way to kill them rather than waste rockets. A nice 'kiss' will involve them getting tossed into the air like a ragdoll and doing a backflip. Two rubber points for style.

Turning on my windshield wipers - this is what I say I do, after I've used the front end nose of the gunship to smash and kill you as a lone infantryman running around on the ground. Saves on ammo. Extra rubber points for me if they're using a shoulder fired missle when I do it, which makes it more dangerous.

The Crush - this is even more up close and personal, when I use the nose front of the gunship to crush an infantryman on the ground against a wall, or into the corner of a wall. Its terrifying to be on the receiving end of this. I've had it happen to me once, I hate it. it will make your heart stop and make you jump, to have that big thing come at you and crush you against a wall. Frightening. Rare.

Punting; punted - this is yet another special kind of nose kill... when an infantry man is standing on top of a tall hill or building, and I hit them with the front of the gunship going 90 miles an hour and punt them like a football way down field. Very Rare. Getting punted and punting is the coolest thing.

Humiliation - a reference to Mortal Kombat. Ouch, this is when I knife someone. I imagine its pretty humiliating to get knifed by a girl. A lot of noobz will disconnect when I do this. Sorry! I use to never knife anyone, but now I do if their back is turned to me, for the eliteness of the kill. It doesn't deserve to be elite, however, because usually its against a noob hammering away at a console with their back open to the world. Double humiliation - extra rubber points when I do it to the same person twice in a row.

Choppergirl's Signature Joust Kill - this is one I actually pioneered and invented. Nobody ever did this before I came along; my inspiration was from a book called Ender's Game, which states to win in any game write new rules in your favor. This Joust Kill involves killing a Gunship with a Transport, by grazing the top of it or landing on top of it with a Transport. The Transports landing gear is very tough. You kill the gunship in the air, or on the ground; I would actually chase them around the map in the transport, which I called 'shadowing', just to kill them with a transport, so I could get my gunship back. You'll blow up the gunship, and do massive damage to your transport, but you survive, and you can return back to the titan to get the gunship. So named after the old skool video game Joust, where you use your Ostrich to land on top of the Vultures heads to kill them. I use to use this one all the time when it was hard to get your hands on a gunship, but now that I run my own server with plenty of gunships, I never have to get in a transport to kill some goddamn noob joyriding and flying around in 'my' gunship. An elite kill, since the gunship can dance around a tub in the air. But I actually did this alot to get my hands back on the gunship.

The Trent Reznor Razor Slash or just a Trent Reznor - this is a Joust kill, but done with one gunship on another, going 90 miles an hour head on. The gunship passing on top will destroy the gunship passing on the bottom, and its just like slashing them with a razor blade.

Gunned down like a dog - what I say to some elite son of a bitch who's been getting too many kills on me, when I catch them and hammer them with the support machine gun and kill them.

Respect is everything! - a homage to GTA2, when you run over a lone infantry man with a jeep, going 90 miles an hour. Its a quote that was said a lot in GTA2 multiplayer. Shout this as you run over them. As this was the most prevalent way to kill people in GTA2... cars were the most dangerous, plentiful weapons available.

Hunkering down like Butcher of Normandie - this is when I hunker down in the Titan hold with the support belt fed machine gun, and can and have literally held off wave and wave of attackers, fighting a scorched earth retreating policy, in the corridor of the last remaining console, or, harder, from the reactor room. Its a reference to Heinrich Severloh, aka the "Beast of Omaha", who I always remember his nickname wrong and call him the Butcher of Normandie. He was an MG-42 gunner in the D-Day invasion who cut down a lot of invading Allied soldiers on the beach. I've gotten some insanely high kills doing this.

Working the Slaughterhouse - I've gotten my highest score ever doing this, its when you're in the Titan AA, the Titans are close but facing each other, and the enemy soldiers just keep trying to board the titan with the air transports. I'm a deadly kill with the AA gun, and I will just shoot them out of the sky over and over and over again. Cleared a score of over a hundred this way in the demo, and thats with most of those being real kills of players... not points given for standing next to silos and what not. 'Working' meaning I'm constantly running between both AA stations, working both of them.

The Guided Missle - Walkers are hell on gunships, and when I first didn't know how to kill them, and my team was losing badly, I'd revert to using the Transports to Kamikazi into them. Later I'd try to master the angle and jumping out of them before they hit, so I wouldn't die. However, on my server, gunships are no longer scarce, but plentiful... you can use them to devasting effect like guided missles against a badass player you just can not kill on the ground. Fly straight at your ground target at a 45 or greater approach angle full out at 90 miles an hour, and hit them like a missle. Jump out at the last second and if your targeting was on point and true it will go straight into them. Deadly. Espectially against AA batteries. Don't forget to parachute. If someone does this in a convetional game, they are an asshole, because a gunship is too valuable a resource to waste like this.

The Cruise Missle - one I invented, this is a guided missle but done parallel to the ground only a few feet off the ground, as if you were driving a car down the road... before the gunship hits your target, say a walker, jump out at the last minute about 20-30 feet before impact, and you'll land safely on your feet because you are only a few feet off the ground. Very deadly because you can approach fast and completly unseen until the last moment and they have no defense against it. And if they do escape and jump out, you drop to the ground, and hammer them with your machine gun.

Valid Kill - this is what I say to any noob player who whines about having been killed by someone else kamikazi-ing them. Kamikazi is a valid tactic of war and there's nothing noobish about it - deal with it - your lack of not taking into account there may be people out there who will kamikazi you... is what is noobish. Kamikazi attacks have been used in many wars. I've done my share of kamikazi attacks, usually against veteran players in Walkers. And its a valid and fair kill - Walkers have AA countermeasures against such attacks, plus they can and do move out of the way. Many an early day kamikazi walker attack has been foiled simply because the guy saw me coming and walked perpedicular to my attack, causing me to do nothing but face plant into the pavement.

Seat jumping - I didn't invent seat jumping, but I've brought my own secret innovations to the table, which allow me to put a hell of a lot more guided TV missles into action on the battlefield. Seat jumping is when you are in the gunship (or the walker for that matter), and you jump to the other seat to use its weapons, and, in the case of the gunship, jump back before you crash into the ground. Because with no pilot in it, the gunship will plummet like a stone. Which is actually a whole other tactic you can use, if you want to drop straight verticlly real fast, like to avoid a head on collision. Anyway, it takes a lot of work to really master seat jumping, and there are many ways to use and fire the TV guided missles... whether you fire and forget, or stay with it until impact, or anywhere in between. It all depends on what you are doing and how much altitude you've got in your bank account to work with.

Turkey Park and Shoot - this is when some asshole parks a gunship somewhere out of site on the ground at an angle, becomes commander and drops a Supply crate next to them so their ammo is automatically reload, and starts hammering at noobs with the TV guided missle.

The Sanford D.O.T - I'm not going to tell you what this one is, its Choppergirl's patent secret, but it accounts for probably half of all my kills, and what makes me a dangerous player in league with the hardest of the hardcore veterans.

Smoke a Cigarette - this is jumping out of the gunship when its hovering, or otherwise in the air, and then windsurfing around to the front and reentering it and resuming normal flight. You come out always on the left back side, and then winsurf in a U turn around the gun ship and approach the front head on holding down the E enter key. The sweet spot to enter the gunship is about 5 to 10 meters directly in front of the guns. I've found no other place you can enter the gunship in the air, but once you know this, you can do this trick repeatedly. The Doragon you can do it from 200 ft up... the Talon (the black one) falls like a brick and you need a lot more altitude.

In the Soup - the soup is the fog like cloud ceiling where people try to run and hide when I'm chasing them. Sometimes they are sucessful, and I have to hunt for them 'in the soup'.

Umbrella Immelmann - a standard Immelman will get you killed so fast by me in this game, that is.. doing a 'loop'. Oh, its so fun to watch, shooting someone into a burning fireball while they are at the upward curve of their loop... so poetic and beautiful. But um, foolish, and a quick way to die. I hardly ever do loops, they are foolish. However, there is one that is useful, which I call an Umbrella, when you are outnumbered by a bunch of other gunships and you have to even the odds. Break and fly straight vertical up, and as you enter 'the soup', curve over in a loop to point straight down instead of straight up. As you decend out of the soup you get a birds eye view of your enemies flying around and can pick one out to chase down. Handle multiple bogies one at a time, singling them out but watching your tail all the time. Until you have killed them all.

Extreme Pod Killing - this is when you launch in a pod, and use pod surfing and your extreme skillz to land on top of vehicles with occupants in them which destroys them. Or you can land on top of people or next to them on the ground from out of nowhere. Or you can hit chopper's in the air with pods and kill them.

As I said before, there's a lot of theory and tactics beyond what a few dictionary definitions can provide, esp. inside combat, the human mind is a devious and ever creative thing in devising ways to kill other people, but this gives you a few ideas for some more tricks to add to your bag. Plus there's a lot of basics about gunship handling and flying I'm not even going to cover here... for starters, keep your head on a swivel, attack as soon as you see your most dangerous enemies, turn to face them, and lead your targets, aiming for where they are going to be, not where they are at the moment. Anticipate what your enemy is going to do next and move to be there to meet him.


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