Capt. Lewis Lockhart - Outcast "Blue 2" - Franklin, TN

P-38, P-47, P-39 Fighter Pilot / WW2 / Pacific Theatre / 39th Fighter Squadron

Capt. Lewis Lockhart (Outcast Blue Two) of the 39th Cobra in the Clouds Fighter Squadron in Gusap in a P-47

Another P-47 picture of Lew in Gusap

Lew's Parachute Bailout Crash of P-39 North of Charters Towers which earned him the Parachute Card above.

"Captain Lew Lockhart was in Charters Towers, in north Queensland, Australia in January 1943 checking out in P-38s. On 28 January 1943 he was getting some flying time in a P-39 Airacobra when the coolant leaked out and he had to bail out somewhere north of Charters Towers airfield. The aircraft burned on impact as Lew Lockhart said he saw a lot of smoke. He walked onto a cattle station but cannot recall the name of the owner. Lew and the owner went back on horses several days later but could not find the P-39 Airacobra."

More Information about Charlie King (ace), Thomas Lynch, Charles Sullivan, and Lewis Lockhart

Lew Lockhart - Blue 2 - WW2 Pacific Fighter Pilot Interview:

39th Fighter Squadron - New Guinea:

Port Moresby - New Guinea - WW2:

Hiking to see the Marlee 2 P-38 Wreck:

Interview with Sony, with more footage of Marlee 2 P-38 Wreck in Water at end:

The Marlee2, still on the jungle floor in New Guinea

Movie file of hike to see the Marlee 2 (Sully's P-38) - Playable with VLC media player

I was at the mall yesterday and happened to see an elderly man...

Relentless Pursuit by Ken Dooleywith Lew Lockhart on the top right of the Cover

Robert Thorpe Ceremonies in Rhode Island House of Representatives

Cobras in the Clouds - 39th Fighter Squadron Association - A directory of All the 39th Information I have on the Marlee2, and the 39th in New Guinea

Injury Slight, Please Advise - Indie movie about plight of downed pilot Captain Sulivan, with Lew Lockhart in search party, and the Marlee 2

Lew Lockhart Audio Interview for Veterans History Project / Library of Congress:

Dear "It" - Lew Lockhart, 1967
Envelope ~ Page 1 ~ Page 2

Dear "Mark" - Lew Lockhart, 1968
Envelope ~ Page 1 ~ Page 2

Williamson Memorial (Franklin, TN) Funeral Flyer ~ Page 1 ~ Page 2 ~ Page 3 ~ Page 4 ~ Page 5 ~ Page 6

Funeral Trip Pictures Directory (start at picutre 1242):

Cobras in the Clouds Obituaries Page: 39th Obituaries

Library of Congress - Veteran's History Project

Aircraft Crashes of Northern Queensland 1942 -1945

35th Fighter Group (35th FG) List of Lockheed P-38 Lightnings

Home Built Airplanes Thread on P38

Linne Haddock's Info to me after I saw White 33

P-38 Facts and Trivia

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